Training Vows

When people invest time and money to sit in a session and watch you speak, you’ve made a commitment to them.  Perhaps, prior to agreeing to present, there should be some sort of vow of commitment to the learners.  Nothing too complex, perhaps something like this…

I <state your name> take each of thee to be my committed and curious learners,

to have and to hold thy attention,

from this moment forward,

through engaging lecture and activity,

in groups large and small,

through flipchart or PowerPoint,

to prepare and to respect,

‘til final evaluation do us part,

according to sound adult learning principles,

and thereto I pledge thee my partner in learning.

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2 thoughts on “Training Vows

    • Share away – feel free to do it anonymously and blame me. Any time you’re in front of a group – whether classroom or gigantic ballroom, you owe it to the learners to put on a good show – to commit 100%!

      Thanks for reading (and commenting), Tony.

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