Want to be creative in your next presentation? Try Pecha Kucha-style!

Pecha Kucha-style presentations involve 20 slides that advance every 20 seconds (automatically). There’s no chance for a presenter to dilly dally. It’s fast-paced, visual, and the best ones capture the audience’s attention.

I wrote about Pecha Kucha-style presentations in the past, but when looking over the agenda for an upcoming retreat for a client recently, I noticed they had Pecha Kucha presentations on the agenda! It’s reignited my interest in the style.

Are you looking to do something a little different with your next presentation? Here are a few Pecha Kucha presentations that can offer some inspiration…  

1. A Pecha Kucha about Pecha Kucha

Though this example is more of a narrated slide presentation than an actual Pecha Kucha-style presentation in front of an audience, I appreciate the speaker’s willingness to use Pecha Kucha in order to present what Pecha Kucha is and how one should approach a Pecha Kucha-style presentation.

2. I Want to Look Like that Guy

This particular presentation has no content that’s actually related to presentation skills. It’s just a great example of good storytelling. Stuart MacDonald uses a narrative arc, inserts humor and keeps the audience wanting to learn more.

He doesn’t use graphs or charts or tables to tell his story, just powerful imagery and great organization and flow of his story.

3. A Tale of Two e-Patients

Val Jones’ example of Pecha Kucha is interesting. The visuals aren’t terribly good (neither is the camera work, which doesn’t allow for a great feel of what it was like to be in the audience). However, I’ve attend a lot of medical conferences and the typical presentation is a flurry of information and data thrown at the audience over the course of 7 minutes. In contrast, this example offers 7 minutes of content in the form of one long limerick (using Pecha Kucha rules 20 slides, 20 seconds). E-medicine can offer a variety of benefits and I’m sure there are lots of data and statistics to demonstrate these benefits, but here are two powerful stories that underscore the life-saving value that e-Medicine can offer.

Have you delivered Pecha Kucha-style (or Ignite-style) presentations? I’d love to hear about your experiences in both designing and delivering this type of presentation.

2 thoughts on “Want to be creative in your next presentation? Try Pecha Kucha-style!

  1. I always discuss PK in my presentation skills classes, and show this example as a great one
    I’ve had attendees from our Fish & Wildlife division use PK to show the progress being made toward fish mitigation and enhancement from our hydro dams – using full bleed visuals – and it’s had a big impact on audiences over the typical “data driven” visuals

    • Thanks for the example and thanks for sharing your experience about using PK in actual presentations to show progress being made. I love to hear that some people are taking some risks in less-than-conventional presentations that can really impact the audience!

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