Using a Simple Infographic Tool to Visualize your Information

A few weeks ago I asked a colleague to present some information about what her department does during our monthly all-staff meeting. In the past, other people have created short videos to showcase their department’s work.

This colleague told me that she envisioned using an infographic to depict the work of her department and asked if I had any pointers. I told her the only thing I knew about creating infographics was that any time I wanted an infographic made, I went to Fiverr and spent about $10 or $15 for someone to create one for me.

Want to see an example of what can be created on Fiverr? Here are links to three examples:

This colleague took matters into her own hands, did some research, and came across After a few hours of tinkering, she developed a pretty handy visual aid.

When she presented her information during the all-staff meeting, I was particularly intrigued by the interactive nature of this visual aid. It wasn’t static – she used a radio button to toggle through information contrasting the differences among different geographic regions.

Infographic - Partner Relations 1   Infographic - Partner Relations 2

Here is a link to the entire infographic.

If you’ve been thinking about presenting your data in a different way, and if you have a few hours to play around, give a try.

Have other ways to present your information in a visual manner? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Using a Simple Infographic Tool to Visualize your Information

  1. Thanks for this Blog Brian, another really useful input from Train Like a Champion. I especially like the ‘How sticky is your training’ graphic.

    Many thanks for sharing this.

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