What I Learn From My Readers When I Blog

This is the 308th blog post that I’ve published, and one of the best part of my blogging experience has been the opportunity to learn from my readers.

Yesterday I received an incredibly nice note from a reader who wrote, in part, that this blog offered her “Such insightful and helpful information.” While I love the opportunity to share my insights in hopes that others may find them helpful, more than anything I love learning from the comments that people write at the end of a blog post.

Recently I asked readers what they’d have done if they were faced with the same technical difficulties that I encountered prior to a training session. One reader suggested adding a “What if…” column to my lesson plan. A co-worker and I immediately incorporated that suggestion into our next presentation. Here’s what the modified lesson plan format looks like thanks to that comment (download here):

Lesson Plan Template - w What If Column

I’m committed to continuing to write (hopefully) high quality posts, twice a week, sharing my insights and ideas and recent experiences and thoughts about trends in the industry. If something resonates with you, go ahead and ask a question or offer your own two cents on the topic in the Comment section. I’d love to learn from you!

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