Preparing your organization to work from home

Every once in a while, we training professionals are asked to drop everything else and put together some sort of emergency training program. The last time this happened to me, it was 2008. I was working for a national organization focused on foster care. Law enforcement officials had just raided a compound in Texas and 437 children were suddenly thrust into an already overburdened foster care system. I was asked to drop everything, take a half day to research the situation, and then hold a series of webinars to prepare people who would be asked to work with and represent the children in court.

Now seems like another one of those “drop everything” moments. Every day more companies and organizations are asking their staff to work from home, and as simple as it may sound, not everyone is prepared to effectively and productively work from home.

If you’re looking for some thoughts, ideas or resources to help people in your office to have a more effective, productive work from home experience, here is a series of articles that could prove helpful:

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Ugly Truths About Working From Home (, 1/4/20)

Receiving notification that your office is closed and you must work from home can be a jarring experience. Add to that all of the uncertainty caused by a global pandemic and disruption to everyday life (and the fact that there’s been a run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer at the store), and your colleagues may really benefit from some assistance as they get started with the work from home routine.

The Endurance Learning team is sending good vibes to all of our readers, hoping that you all stay healthy and you still find ways to train like champions!

Have you been asked to deliver more training virtually? Looking for some tips on how to be creative with your virtual delivery? A few weeks ago we had an opportunity to talk with Kassy LaBorie, author of Interact and Engage: 50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings and Webinars. Here is a brief podcast featuring that conversation.

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