Today’s new blog post. Observations on training. Written as Haiku.

I’ve written in the past about how Haiku (a form of poetry written in three lines, the first having five syllables, the second having seven, the third having five) can serve as a fun, effective icebreaker. You can have people introduce themselves or write about the topic at hand using this structure.

In today’s blog post, I offer some general observations about training, all written in Haiku.

Some conversations

Outside of the training room

Lead to deep learning


Sessions need break time

So our brains can digest stuff

And bladders empty


I like my trainer

I like my fellow trainees

I learn from them all


Dry erase markers

Should be used on a whiteboard

Not on the flipchart


Sometimes I email

Sometimes I pay attention

Nobody does both


Learning objectives

When written with intention

Will write your lesson


Sometimes people like

When I put on a jacket

With silver sequins

Shiny Jacket


Do you have some general observations about training? I’d love to read them – in Haiku form – in the comment section!



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